Nine ball

It is only fitting to write about a pool game or billiard tournament that is called nine ball next. Nine ball is probably the most televised billiards event that plays tournaments throughout the year. Usually they will have the major nine ball tournaments on ESPN which includes the women’s and the men’s tournament. The difficulty is a bit higher with this game when compared to eight ball in that all the balls have to be hit in sequential order and finished out to win the match. Your accuracy has to be much better so that you can leave yourself a good shot on the next ball that could be all the way across the table. My friend Tim at roofer Roswell Ga is a master nine ball player and the best that I have seen!

The rules of nine ball are similar but yet much different than the previous post about eight ball. With nine ball, only nine balls are racked from the beginning and all of the balls have to be hit in the pockets in sequential order. For example, the one ball has to be hit in first, the two ball in second, etc. And if you accidentally hit in one of the balls out of order, then it is your opponents shot Continue reading

Eight ball

This blog post is all about playing pool here in America and the game of eight ball. I can’t tell you how many games of eight ball pool that I played in college. We would literally go play every Friday and Saturday night at a bar called Nowhere bar in Athens, GA when we were in college. It was a favorite pre game spot to go and play together on one of the eight or so pool tables they had there in the side area of the bar. Anyway we will discuss the game of eight ball, how it is played and the rules of the game in this inaugural blog post!

The basics of eight ball:

When playing eight ball billiards, you want to rack all of the balls in the rack and make sure every other ball is solid and stripe. So for example, you don’t want two stripes touching each other, or two solids touching each other. My friend over at Plumber Roswell is superstitious and always picks solids! This will make sure that the break yields a diverse break up of the balls and has them dispersed evenly out from the middle of the table.

Upon breaking of the balls, take the white cue ball and place it roughly one to two feet from the back felt so that you have room to maneuver. This way you can get maximum leverage Continue reading


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