Snooker is a type of billiards game that is played on a table that is 6 x 12′ in size. This table has six pockets. You can play a game of singles with two people or a game of doubles with four people.

A snooker cue is the first item you need. If you are new to the game of snooker, you can use a rack cue provided by the snooker club. As you get better, you will likely need to upgrade your cue. That is what my guy over at did once he was dominating the table. These can be purchased from a shop or customized to meet your requirements. You also need to make sure you have them fresh chalk for chalking your cue tip before striking.

The game of snooker has 15 red balls, a white cue ball, and six colored balls (black, pink, blue, brown, green, and yellow). Group the red balls together in a triangle, then place the colored balls on the markings, or spots, found on the table. It is important to learn the correct placement of each ball to place snooker correctly.

Two people generally play snooker together, but if you wish, you can play with four people or by yourself. Playing alone is a great idea if you’re trying to improve your game. You may choose to play doubles with four people playing, but this article is going to focus on the typical two-person game.

The goal is to pot the color that is the most valuable. Sometimes, though, the better strategy is to pot as many as you can, regardless of their value. Once you potted color, you must then pot a red ball. If you aim to pot a certain color and miss, your opponent gets the next shot. This process continues until there are no more reds to be potted.

Once you get to the point where only colors are left on the table, you have to pot the rest of them in an exact sequence (Y, G, Br, Bl, P, Blk). The game is over once the black ball is potted. At that point, whoever has the most points wins.

Straight Rail

Straight Rail Pool is a billiard game perfect for someone wanting to learn precision control on their shot. In fact, it can be a wonderful way for you to perfect your soft shots and safety play for when you play other games of billiard. I know a guy that owns tow truck near me who plays this game all the time for practice!

Two players play in the game of straight rail. Each player has a white cue all they will use when shooting. One of the players have a spotted white ball while the other has a solid white ball. Players are distinguished by either the term spot or white, depending on the ball they have. The third ball in the game is a red ball.

When you take a shot, the goal is to make your cue ball contact both the red ball and the other white ball all in the same shot so you can score accounts. The winner is determined by the first one to reach whatever score was predetermined. While playing, the best strategy is to gather the balls close together, then drive them all into a corner.

There is only one known way to cheat in the game of straight rail. To do so, the player crotches the balls by getting them stuck in one corner of the table then repeatedly shooting their cue ball off of them without the moving. This allows the player to score many points at one time by quickly bouncing the ball off the other two. In 1879, this happened when Jacob Schaefer Senior in a single inning scored 690 points using the strategy. The technique is also known as rail nurse since the player is nursing the rail with repeated shots.

One of the interesting features of this game is that it is typically one by not missing a shot rather than simply making a lot of great shots. To do this, a player can simply set up and play shots that are easy, one where the three balls are in very close proximity. When this is impossible, you can always shoot the cue ball away from the others instead.


Cut throat

In this blog post about pool games we will explore the game of cut throat which is played with three separate players. What a fun game this ends up being because each player has to make all of their competitors balls in to eliminate each player. So, it is fun because players become eliminated until there is only 1 left which ends up being the winner of the match.

Three players start the game by one person racking the balls in a typical 8 ball rack. You want all the balls to be varying in stripes and solids throughout the rack, much like 8 ball when they are racked. Then one of the players will break the balls, usually the one that was closest to the felt edge with a battle at the beginning at the match. After the break, the balls are scattered throughout the table and the person that broke gets to chose his ball set. My friend over at tree removal Alpharetta Ga can really break the balls up and sometimes they fly off the table. So, each player gets 5 balls that are their own set of balls. Evenly divided for three players. Your goal is to keep your balls on the table and knock in the other 2 opponents balls until they are left with none. That then eliminates that player from action and they have to go sit down or find something else to do. Then you would want to eliminate the other player that is left by knocking in their ball as well.

A few things to look out for. You don’t want to scratch on the shot that you are trying to make because then you have to forfeit your turn to the next player and they are going to take dead aim at your balls. So, make sure not to scratch often so that you have plenty of chances to knock in your opponents balls on the table.

One strategy is to block the opponents shot if you don’t have one to make on their balls in particular. So, if you don’t have a clear shot to make on sinking one of their balls, just shoot the que ball in a spot that leaves them with nothing on your ball. That way they have to pull out a trick shot or a miracle shot in order to continue shooting which is a very low probability. This is sometimes frowned upon in pool, but hey, whatever it takes to win is sometimes the best policy in this game!

Cut throat is a fun game played among friends. It ends up being fun for all parties unless you get eliminated first and then it isn’t too much fun to be a part of. Hahaha, but seriously it is a good game to play if you are hanging out and want to get more than 1 or 2 people involved so that it is more interactive. Remember, he/she who keeps the most balls on the table, wins!

Nine ball

It is only fitting to write about a pool game or billiard tournament that is called nine ball next. Nine ball is probably the most televised billiards event that plays tournaments throughout the year. Usually they will have the major nine ball tournaments on ESPN which includes the women’s and the men’s tournament. The difficulty is a bit higher with this game when compared to eight ball in that all the balls have to be hit in sequential order and finished out to win the match. Your accuracy has to be much better so that you can leave yourself a good shot on the next ball that could be all the way across the table. My friend Tim at roofer Roswell Ga is a master nine ball player and the best that I have seen!

The rules of nine ball are similar but yet much different than the previous post about eight ball. With nine ball, only nine balls are racked from the beginning and all of the balls have to be hit in the pockets in sequential order. For example, the one ball has to be hit in first, the two ball in second, etc. And if you accidentally hit in one of the balls out of order, then it is your opponents shot Continue reading

Eight ball

This blog post is all about playing pool here in America and the game of eight ball. I can’t tell you how many games of eight ball pool that I played in college. We would literally go play every Friday and Saturday night at a bar called Nowhere bar in Athens, GA when we were in college. It was a favorite pre game spot to go and play together on one of the eight or so pool tables they had there in the side area of the bar. Anyway we will discuss the game of eight ball, how it is played and the rules of the game in this inaugural blog post!

The basics of eight ball:

When playing eight ball billiards, you want to rack all of the balls in the rack and make sure every other ball is solid and stripe. So for example, you don’t want two stripes touching each other, or two solids touching each other. My friend over at Plumber Roswell is superstitious and always picks solids! This will make sure that the break yields a diverse break up of the balls and has them dispersed evenly out from the middle of the table.

Upon breaking of the balls, take the white cue ball and place it roughly one to two feet from the back felt so that you have room to maneuver. This way you can get maximum leverage Continue reading