Eight ball

This blog post is all about playing pool here in America and the game of eight ball. I can’t tell you how many games of eight ball pool that I played in college. We would literally go play every Friday and Saturday night at a bar called Nowhere bar in Athens, GA when we were in college. It was a favorite pre game spot to go and play together on one of the eight or so pool tables they had there in the side area of the bar. Anyway we will discuss the game of eight ball, how it is played and the rules of the game in this inaugural blog post!

The basics of eight ball:

When playing eight ball billiards, you want to rack all of the balls in the rack and make sure every other ball is solid and stripe. So for example, you don’t want two stripes touching each other, or two solids touching each other. My friend over at Plumber Roswell is superstitious and always picks solids! This will make sure that the break yields a diverse break up of the balls and has them dispersed evenly out from the middle of the table.

Upon breaking of the balls, take the white cue ball and place it roughly one to two feet from the back felt so that you have room to maneuver. This way you can get maximum leverage and power on this ball for the break shot and the balls scatter the way you want them too. When you have a good, or great break, the balls scatter evenly out onto the table where you can really run the table nicely and pop them in one after another. If you have a weak or bad break, the balls will stay clustered there in the middle and be a real tough round of pool. If the rack is tight and the cue ball is stuck correctly, the balls should scatter everywhere throughout the table and make for a fun desirable game of pool.

Once the balls are broken up and scattered out on the table, take your pick of whether you want the solids or stripes. A lot goes into this decision if there were no balls made. Even if there were a few solids made, you still may choose to go with the stripes because all of those balls are in optimal placing on the felt to run the table. Usually though, if 2 balls go in that are stripes or solids, you will generally choose the ones that had the most go in on the break. This will naturally make it easier to knock in the rest of the balls most of the time since you have less balls to get in the hole to claim victory.

In conclusion, with eight ball, it is whoever makes their balls in first to complete the game. If you end up being solids, then if you knock all of the solids in and then hit the eight ball in the hole, you win. You can’t scratch when hitting in the eight ball though, or you forfeit the game over to your opponent. It makes the last shot that much more interesting, especially if you have had a few cold ones to drink!

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