Nine ball

It is only fitting to write about a pool game or billiard tournament that is called nine ball next. Nine ball is probably the most televised billiards event that plays tournaments throughout the year. Usually they will have the major nine ball tournaments on ESPN which includes the women’s and the men’s tournament. The difficulty is a bit higher with this game when compared to eight ball in that all the balls have to be hit in sequential order and finished out to win the match. Your accuracy has to be much better so that you can leave yourself a good shot on the next ball that could be all the way across the table. My friend Tim at roofer Roswell Ga is a master nine ball player and the best that I have seen!

The rules of nine ball are similar but yet much different than the previous post about eight ball. With nine ball, only nine balls are racked from the beginning and all of the balls have to be hit in the pockets in sequential order. For example, the one ball has to be hit in first, the two ball in second, etc. And if you accidentally hit in one of the balls out of order, then it is your opponents shot next so you better be accurate and go in order. When a player misses his/her shot, then it is your opponents shot next as well. So, whoever gets all the balls in that are left, is the winner. Even if the first player that broke the balls from the beginning makes eight balls in a row, and the nine is the only one left and the opponent knocks in the nine ball, the last person to knock the ball in wins. There have been many of matches where one person makes most of the balls but misses one, and the opponent comes in and cleans up to win the match.

Nine ball is much less forgiving and more challenging than the normal game of eight ball which is why it is more widely regarded as the professionals match. You just have to be very precise with your shot making and where you leave the ball in order to win the matches and have a good record. With eight ball, each player has eight balls to make, and with no particular order you can shoot them in. So, this makes it easier to make shots and always have another shot in the works since there are more balls on the table.

If you haven’t played nine ball and are an amateur, you will find it much more difficult than your normal game of pool. We used to play so much eight ball in college, that I haven’t played near as much nine ball in my day. It definitely is more challenging and a lot of weekend warriors choose eight ball over this game because it is easier to win and make more shots!

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