Snooker is a type of billiards game that is played on a table that is 6 x 12′ in size. This table has six pockets. You can play a game of singles with two people or a game of doubles with four people.

A snooker cue is the first item you need. If you are new to the game of snooker, you can use a rack cue provided by the snooker club. As you get better, you will likely need to upgrade your cue. That is what my guy over at did once he was dominating the table. These can be purchased from a shop or customized to meet your requirements. You also need to make sure you have them fresh chalk for chalking your cue tip before striking.

The game of snooker has 15 red balls, a white cue ball, and six colored balls (black, pink, blue, brown, green, and yellow). Group the red balls together in a triangle, then place the colored balls on the markings, or spots, found on the table. It is important to learn the correct placement of each ball to place snooker correctly.

Two people generally play snooker together, but if you wish, you can play with four people or by yourself. Playing alone is a great idea if you’re trying to improve your game. You may choose to play doubles with four people playing, but this article is going to focus on the typical two-person game.

The goal is to pot the color that is the most valuable. Sometimes, though, the better strategy is to pot as many as you can, regardless of their value. Once you potted color, you must then pot a red ball. If you aim to pot a certain color and miss, your opponent gets the next shot. This process continues until there are no more reds to be potted.

Once you get to the point where only colors are left on the table, you have to pot the rest of them in an exact sequence (Y, G, Br, Bl, P, Blk). The game is over once the black ball is potted. At that point, whoever has the most points wins.