Straight Rail

Straight Rail Pool is a billiard game perfect for someone wanting to learn precision control on their shot. In fact, it can be a wonderful way for you to perfect your soft shots and safety play for when you play other games of billiard. I know a guy that owns tow truck near me who plays this game all the time for practice!

Two players play in the game of straight rail. Each player has a white cue all they will use when shooting. One of the players have a spotted white ball while the other has a solid white ball. Players are distinguished by either the term spot or white, depending on the ball they have. The third ball in the game is a red ball.

When you take a shot, the goal is to make your cue ball contact both the red ball and the other white ball all in the same shot so you can score accounts. The winner is determined by the first one to reach whatever score was predetermined. While playing, the best strategy is to gather the balls close together, then drive them all into a corner.

There is only one known way to cheat in the game of straight rail. To do so, the player crotches the balls by getting them stuck in one corner of the table then repeatedly shooting their cue ball off of them without the moving. This allows the player to score many points at one time by quickly bouncing the ball off the other two. In 1879, this happened when Jacob Schaefer Senior in a single inning scored 690 points using the strategy. The technique is also known as rail nurse since the player is nursing the rail with repeated shots.

One of the interesting features of this game is that it is typically one by not missing a shot rather than simply making a lot of great shots. To do this, a player can simply set up and play shots that are easy, one where the three balls are in very close proximity. When this is impossible, you can always shoot the cue ball away from the others instead.